Prepare Yourself Well Before Renting

With a higher living expenses in Malaysia nowadays, many people could not afford to buy a house on their own, especially young adults. Therefore, they choose to rent a place instead. However, many people make a mistaking of rushing into things when it comes to looking for a place to rent. If you are looking for a property, you can consider Tropicana Residence. This complete guide will prepare you well before renting a condominium unit.

Before you sign the leasing agreement, take some time to ask yourself some important questions and understand the policy better to prevent yourself from regretting after that.

1.      Is rental agent necessary? How much does it cost?
This is totally optional, but if you do not have enough time to do your research on which condominium to rent, you could always engage in a rental agent with your budget, specifications and needs such as size of units, number of bathrooms and etcetera, and the rental agent will do his job in helping you to source the right condominium. As for the fees, it would normally be differ across agents that you are engaged in. So ask before you engage with a rental agent to avoid any misunderstandings.

2.      Can I redecorate the condominium without being fined?
Most agreements state that the condominium unit must be restored to the exact same condition when you first move in. In addition, some landlords will have a clause listed in the lease stating that written permission is needed before you proceed with any painting or decoration. Wallpaper or additional nails onto the walls for the hanging of artwork requires pre-approval from the landlord. If not, you would then need to take it down when you move out, or you risk not being able to get back your security deposit. 

3.      Is it pet friendly?
Most, if not all contracts restrict having animals in their property. However, there are some exceptions where the landlords allow certain case with small dogs or cats only allowed in the house. This, however do not apply to bigger sized animals such as a Labrador, or a Golden Retriever. Do check with the house owner’s policies before deciding on the rental.

4.      Are there extra charges for the usage of swimming pool, gymnasium or courts?
Although most condominiums provide the facilities free of charge, it is always good to double check with the management on the usage of the facilities. Some condominiums offer free usage of swimming pool and gymnasium but charge hourly for the tennis court, basketball court, tennis court and squash court.

5.      Is there parking space provided?
Most condominiums offer at least one parking spot for each unit, depending on the size of unit. However, if there is more than one tenant in a unit, you might have to discuss with the owner on how he assigns to parking lot. You might need to fork out extra money to rent for a parking spot from the condominium’s management.

6.      Are utilities included?
It is best to know what exactly is and is not included in the monthly rental. Depending on the owner, some rental covers the utilities bill, such as electricity bill, water bill, Internet and some may not. If utilities bill is not covered in the rental, you will then need to prepare extra money to foot the bill each month. Know what are things that will be included so you will know what you need to bring along with you when you move in and also it would help to determine the total monthly cost you will be spending.

7.      Who bears the cost of repairing?
The most common question: whom should the tenant deal with if there are some maintenance problems? Should the tenant deal directly with the management, the owner of the unit or third party that fix the problem? Discuss beforehand with your landlord to make things clear. In case of any emergency cases where you have to call someone for some repairing work, you would then know whom you should get in contact with. Do also check the condition of the items before you move in. Look for any damages or broken items and raise them to the home owners and they will be more than willing to fix them for you before you move in. This will save you from any hassle later on. 

8.      What if I break the lease?
A typical tenant lease is 12 months long, at least. If you were to move out when you have another 6 moths into your 12 months lease, there will be penalty imposed. This however, depends on the agreement that you have signed before you moved in. Do note that verbal agreement is different from written agreement so make sure you have all agreements written in black and white. You might risk getting your security deposit forfeited if you were to break the bond unless it is under extenuating circumstances.

9.      How much will I need to pay upfront?
Most home owners will request for at least a month’s rental paid upfront as a security deposit. Some owners might request for at least 3 months rental fees. It all depends on a mutual agreement between the tenants and the home owners. Before signing the lease agreement, ask if the deposit if refundable, if not, can it paid as the last month’s rental?

It may seem like a long list to ask yourself before deciding to rent a place, but these are the necessary questions that will lead you to lesser problems when you start moving in.

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