There Is No Much Time Left

There is no much time left for me. Less than two days I will go far away from this world. I must spend the rest of my life by doing things what I really want to do and go everywhere I want to go. Here, in the airport, people are busy to depart and arrived from the entire world. And me, stuck in flood of people who are laughing and crying.

In 43 hours, the things that I really want to do are, I want to meet a woman that I love the most. I want to tell her that I love her so much. So I make a call to her. In a blink of eye, she answers my call, and I ask her to come to the airport. It takes 30 minutes for her to arrive. There is no much time left. When she arrived, I give her a bouquet of flower that she loves roses. I knee down my knee and I said to her that I love her.
She is shock. She starts to cry. She said she love me too. Oh my God, we have the same feelings. But why now we only know that we love each other? When the time is running out, we find something that are be hidden all this time. I tell her what is happening. And she said she will always love me and asked me to wait for her at the door of heaven.

I ask my family to joint me visit Mekah and Madinah. I want to visit our beloved Prophet and watch the beautiful scenery of our Holy Land. This is what I want. Even there have another place that I really want to go, Mekah and Madinah still in the first place that I want to go.

From Holy Land, I call my best friends. God, it is only left just 24 hours. Just a day before I closed my eyes forever and left this world. I want them to join me for a trip to South Korea and Australia. Before I go far away from them, I want them to have a happy memory with me. So they will always remember me. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery at Australia and South Korea. We watch panda, kangaroo at Melbourne; we tried kimchi and kimbap at Seoul. It is a sweet memory for me and my best friends.

There is no much time left went we back to Malaysia. I want to end my life here, in Malaysia, at my hometown, my home. I asked my mom to cook everything that I love. That night, before I go to sleep, I ask for forgiveness from my parents and family, I hug them. I go to sleep and I will die peacefully. I don’t want to see tears from my family when I take my last breath. Lets them cry when I’m already be in different world from them and I hope they will always love me.

ps: this is my assignment for Public Relations feature writing...
enjoy it..hope u still understand  even my English is bad..

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